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The Association of Norwegian Student Welfare Organizations

Rita Hirsum Lystad, chairman of the board. Foto: SiØ
Rita Hirsum Lystad, chairman of the board. Foto: SiØ

Main Office in Oslo

Apotekergata 10, 0180 Oslo

Postal address:
Apotekergata 10

0180 Oslo, Norway

The Association of Norwegian Student Welfare Organizations is a cooperation body for the fourteen student welfare organizations in Norway that provide services for around 270,000 students. The welfare organizations are ideal private actors and have student housing as the largest service area. The general assembly is held in November in which all the welfare organizations attend and elect the board of the Association.

List of student welfare organizations: 

The board

The current board was elected on the annual congress in Molde on the 15th of November 2023. The chairman of the Association is Rita Hirsum Lystad, also the CEO of the Student Welfare Organization in Østfold. She was elected in an extraordinary congress on 13th of January 2024 as the previous chairman Audhild Kvam resigned from the position earlier this year..

There are in total six members of the board, three CEOs and three chairmen representing each their own Student Welfare Organization. The CEOs are elected for two years, and the chairmen for one year. 

The following are the current members of our board:

  • Rita Hirsum Lystad, CEO in SiØ
  • Andreas Berggren Eskelund, CEO in SiO
  • Pål Harv, CEO in SiA
  • Amalie Johnsen Lunde, chairman in Sammen
  • Daniel Hansen Masvik, chairman in NAS
  • Jenny Brunsgård Ek chairman in SiØ

International cooperation

The Association of Norwegian Student Welfare Organization is a member of the European Council for Student Affairs (ECSTA). ECSTA is an umbrella group open to student affairs and services organizations from all European countries. 
For more information about ECSTA: Visit ECSTA

The secretariat

The chairman of the board is currently based in Østfold, but the main office of the administration is in Oslo. The administration consist of an acting Office Manager and two political advisors. 
Contact information below:

Rita Hirsum Lystad
Chairman of the board
E-post: post@samskipnader.no

Fam Karine Heer Aas
Acting Office Manager
Tlf:(+47) 900 82 746
E-post: fam@samskipnader.no

Ibrahim Ali
Political Advisor
Tlf: (+47) 979 30 412
E-post: ibrahim@samskipnader.no

Emilie Faarup Storvik
Political Advisor
Tlf: (+47) 413 73 656
E-post: emilie@samskipnader.no